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More on my bulking plans: Splits, SUP2.

Friday, October 28, 2005 by  
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I received my The Road To The Arnold DVD from AtLarge Nutrition, so look for my review this weekend or early next week! You can learn how to get your own copy by clicking the below banner.

Last night was chest and arms day. Once again, I used the SUP2 weight training system, but I’m still on the SGX diet. I’ll start the SUP2 diet on Tuesday, which is when my bulk begins. I’m feeling out the SUP2 weight training program during the last week of my cut so I can hit the ground running when I start my bulk on Tuesday. The SUP2 program requires that I get multi-rep maxes on several exercises in advance, so I’ve been doing that this week as well.

My SUP2 training split will be as follows (no cardio on weight training days):

Monday: Cardio
Tuesday: Back, Traps and Abs
Wednesday: Cardio
Thursday: Chest and Arms
Friday: Cardio
Saturday: Legs
Sunday: Delts and Arms

The SUP2 program allows for custom weight training programs, as long as SwoleCat approves whatever it is you want to do. I’m going to do the Official SUP2 weight training program for six weeks and then evaluate my progress: if I’m making good progress I’ll stick with it; if not, I’m going to talk to Chris about moving to a higher volume program, which I’ve personally had great success with.

I can’t wait for Tuesday! I LOVE TO BULK: Lots of weight training. Lots of food. Less cardio. What’s not to like?!

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