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Change to my bulking program; Revised splits.

Saturday, October 29, 2005 by  
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I had a long talk with SwoleCat yesterday about the weight training portion of my bulk. We’ve decided that a higher volume training program is probably best for me, so I won’t be doing the standard SUP2 weight training program (“STS”). Of course I’ll be doing the SUP2 program from a nutritional standpoint, but instead of STS I’ll be doing a slightly modified version of the SGX weight training program. I’m very, VERY happy about this. I already know how my body will respond to the higher volume, and I’m looking for huge gains. A low volume program might work for me, too, but I don’t feel like taking any chances this year. Also, I have to admit that I have not been enjoying the 20 minute weight training workouts this week. I love lifting, so very brief workouts are not really my cup of tea. I asked Chris if I could try a higher volume program after six weeks if the default STS program was not producing results. We talked about it for a bit, and in the end Chris himself actually recommended that I start with the high volume program. Well, that made my day!

So, forget the splits I posted yesterday. My revised SUP2 training split will be as follows (still no cardio on weight training days):

Monday: Cardio
Tuesday: Back and Traps
Wednesday: Cardio
Thursday: Chest and Abs
Friday: Cardio
Saturday: Legs
Sunday: Delts and Arms

I have all my meal plans done, and now my training program is locked and loaded. All the ingredients for a successful bulk are in place. Now it’s up to me to put the work in. I’m looking forward to the challenge. It all starts on Tuesday!

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