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Last night’s workout; Intensity, drive and focus for results; New photo.

It’s been roughly 12 hours since my back workout, and I’m already starting to feel the DOMS. For several reasons, last night’s workout was a breakthrough workout… First, I elected to utilize the lifting straps that have been sitting idle on my gym floor for the past couple of years. Simply put, the strength of my back has outpaced the strength of my grip. Over the past few months I’ve been consistently adding 10 pounds… [Read more]

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Bulking: one month progress report.

The first month of my current bulking cycle is drawing to a close, so I thought I’d do a status check (all measurements are cold/unpumped): Body Weight: +12.8 pounds (currently 201.6 pounds) Body Fat: +4.5 pounds Lean Mass: +8.3 pounds Waist: +1 Inch (currently 31.75 inches) Hips: +3/4 Inch (currently 38.75 inches) Arms: +1/2 Inch (currently 16.5 inches) Thighs: +1.5 Inches (currently 24 inches) Calves: +1/2 Inch (currently 16.5 inches) Chest: +1/2 Inch (currently 42.75… [Read more]

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Very sore; Change is important for growth; Last night’s workout; New photo.

“Ouch!” That word pretty much sums up how I’m feeling this morning. Not a bad “ouch”, but a good one. The pain I’m feeling right now reminds me that I worked my tail off in the gym over the past three days. The soreness is a constant, and oddly welcome, reminder that my muscles are rebuilding. By the time I work those muscles again, they will be bigger and stronger than ever. I think one… [Read more]

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Last night’s delt/traps workout; Upright rows; Tonight’s bicep/tricep workout.

I had a fine delts/traps workout last night. My new delts training routine can be found in my journal. Here’s the direct link to last night’s entry. As you’ll see a little further down in the thread, “JoeSchmo” pointed me to some articles that discuss the upright row, and how hard it is in the shoulder. This was new information to me, and I’m glad Joe took the time to mention it. Obviously with my… [Read more]

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Last night’s leg workout; Tonight’s workout; Working on Titan review.

Fueled by my vast post-Thanksgiving meal energy reserves (along with several meals of leftovers), I gave my legs one hell of a beating last night. I switched up my workout and I really like how it felt. Details on the new leg routine and last night’s workout are in my journal. Here’s the direct link to last night’s post-workout entry. Tonight is delts and traps, and I still need to create my new workout. I’m… [Read more]

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Thanksgiving pictures.

Short update today, I’m running late because I wanted to get the Thanksgiving 2005 photo album done in time for this morning’s news. Our Thanksgiving was awesome, and hope yours was, too. Here are this year’s pictures.

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Happy Thanksgiving; Workout updates; New photo.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Americans! As I wrote earlier this week, I think each of us should take a little time every single day to focus on all the good things in our lives. To me, Thanksgiving is the “formal” day on which family and friends gather and celebrate that which we should never lose sight of in the first place. I could fill a book with all things for which I’m thankful,… [Read more]

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Last night’s back workout; New pictures; Tonight’s chest workout; Tomorrow.

I went with the new exercises I posted yesterday for last night’s back workout. For details on the workout along with some new pictures (and some comparison photos of my back’s progress), check out my photo journal on the forum. Here’s a direct link to last night’s entry. Tonight is chest and abs. Here’s my planned workout, which I will do for the next three weeks: CHEST 4×10 Smith machine bench press 4×10 Incline DB… [Read more]

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Cold, windy morning; Tentative new back workout.

It sure is windy and cold (well, cold for Orlando!) this morning. The dogs love to go outside when it’s like this – the cold weather makes them very playful and frisky. I like it, too. It feels good to go outside and feel something besides heat and humidity. I’m starting the fourth week of my bulk, and that means it’s time to switch up my exercises. Tonight is back and traps night, and I’m… [Read more]

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Weekend recap; Last night’s workout; New picture; New Video.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Lisa and I spent Saturday cleaning and decorating for the holidays (very early, I know, but we were in the mood), and Sunday we watched some DVDs, finished the decorating and Lisa did some shopping. As for my workouts, they were both outstanding. I know many of you don’t visit the site on the weekend, so check out Yesterday’s “Christmas delts workout” update if you missed it. It’s… [Read more]

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