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First bulking workout; New pictures; My strength training program in detail.

I’m still full from all the food I ate yesterday. It was tough getting it all down, and even tougher keeping it down after last night’s awesome back & traps workout! I know I sounded a bit like a giddy schoolgirl on a sugar rush last night when I posted to my forum journal, but between the endorphin blast, all the excess calories and the satisfaction of having an amazing workout to kick off my bulk, I was pretty darn happy when I posted. Tired, yes – but happy. I took one picture when I was done to mark the occasion. All that can be found here.

I can’t talk about the SUP2 nutritional program due to the confidentiality agreement, but I am allowed to talk about my strength training program as it’s not the standard SUP2 “STS” training program. You can find that information a little further down in my journal. Here’s a direct link.

Today is another HUGE day of eating, and tonight is my chest and abs workout. I can’t wait! Say, did I mention how much I like bulking? 😉

In case you missed it, I posted a 3-year retrospective of my transformation on November 1st. There are lots of pictures augmented with my thoughts and feelings. It was a lot of fun to recount some of those fond (and sometimes not-so-fond) memories. You can find that here.

Time to fire up the stove and fill my belly! See ya…