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Forum upgrade complete; Leg day.

Friday, November 4, 2005 by  
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The forum upgrade was completed yesterday and it went extremely well. There are only a few outstanding (mostly minor) issues I need to resolve. There are a lot of excellent new features in the latest version of vBulletin, some of which I’ve listed here. If you are having any problems, please read through that thread before posting, as your problem may already have a solution.

One of the most exciting new features of vB 3.5x is the ability to install “hacks” (modifications to the stock vBulletin product) as plugins. Until now hacks had to be installed by modifying the php code directly. This method of customizing the forum made upgrading a real pain in the butt: all custom hacks had to be manually re-installed (and often times re-written) to work with vBulletin each time a minor new version came out. Minor versions are released frequently, and it’s not uncommon for vB admins to install literally dozens of hacks, so you can see how the old system was a major problem. The new system will make life much easier for us poor, overworked vB admins. The net effect to the end user is that I’ll be a lot more willing to customize the board. I’ve already got some great ideas, and I’ll be working on implementing those ideas in the coming days and weeks. Watch for announcements!

I had a nice cardio session yesterday morning. It sure is weird getting used to doing cardio just twice per week after doing it seven days per week for almost three months straight. Tonight I work my legs, so no cardio this morning. It’s kind of nice to wake up and not feel rushed to get my update done. Now I can relax, have some coffee, type my update and then eat a humongous breakfast. Have I mentioned how much I love bulking? 😉

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