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Shoulder pain; Yesterday’s workout; New pictures.

Sunday, November 6, 2005 by  
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I’m a little worried about my right shoulder this morning. Last night was delts & traps. While I was doing bent over dumbbell raises I experienced the same pain that I felt back in 2003 when I injured my right shoulder. After my workout I iced the shoulder down and took an anti-inflammatory, but this morning it’s still not feeling quite right. Tonight’s workout (biceps and triceps) is still a tentative “go”, but I’m going to do the smart thing and stop if my shoulder protests in any way. Obviously a re-occurrence of what happened in late 2003 would be frustrating (to say the least), but at this point I’m not willing to accept that’s the case.

I updated my journal with yesterday’s workout log, and some new pictures. The new journal entry can be found here.

Have a wonderful day – see you tomorrow!

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