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Shoulder updated; Workout log/new pictures; New music; Lisa.

Monday, November 7, 2005 by  
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As I mentioned in Saturday evening’s post-workout journal entry and again in yesterday’s Daily News update, my right shoulder started bothering me while working my delts on Saturday night. I’m happy to report that last night’s biceps & triceps workout went as planned, and there was very little shoulder pain. In fact, this morning my shoulder feels pretty good! I’ll keep a close watch on it over the next couple of weeks. I may have to miss this weeks’ delt workout to let the shoulder fully recover – we’ll see how I feel.

I updated my journal with yesterday’s workout log and some new pictures. What a workout! I took a picture of my arm with tape around it and was surprised to see that it was just shy of 17.5 inches. That’s a personal record and a great way to start my bulk.

Lisa hates my lifting music (Hatebreed, Fear Factory, Shadow’s Fall, Unearth, Diecast, God Forbid, Stampin’ Ground, Dry Kill Logic, etc.), so I was surprised when she offered to pick up some new CDs for me while she was out shopping yesterday. She came back with another Shadow’s Fall CD and some Killswitch Engage. I’m such a lucky guy to have a woman like Lisa. She comes home from a hard day’s work, only to be greeted on most nights by insanely loud “lifting” music. I’m so sweaty and focused on my workout that she can’t even give me a hug. Even though at times she must feel like she married one of our neighbor’s teen-aged sons, she never complains and always supports me because she knows I’m doing what I love. Lisa and I have been madly in love for over 16 years, and every year she manages to make me love her even more. I am one lucky dude.

After three days of intense workouts, today is a cardio-only day. I’m actually looking forward to a day “off”. Enjoy your Monday!

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