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Logo finalized; New feature: RSS feeds; More pictures; Fan mail.

Wednesday, November 9, 2005 by  
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I want to thank Brian “Genetix” Howard once again for his help in tweaking the logo colors and the “JohnStoneFitness.com” text yesterday. Brian gladly went well beyond his obligations as the logo contest winner, and his efforts have made a huge impact on the look of this site and on the forums. I love the new look and the new logo! Thanks again, Brian.

Another requested feature has just been added to the forum: an RSS 2.0 feed! It’s in beta right now (so the final link may be changing). If you are interested in testing this new feature, please check this thread for details.

Last night’s workout was excellent – very little shoulder pain, and ZERO shoulder pain this morning! I’ve updated my journal with some post-workout thoughts, some new back pictures (including an absolutely pitiful rear-lat spread) and some interesting “fan” mail. All that fun, and more, happens here.

Tonight’s workout is chest and abs, so this will be a real test for my shoulder. I may substitute decline bench for dips tonight. Dips are always hell on my shoulders, and I don’t want to take any chances right now since my shoulder seems to be recovering quickly from Saturday’s scare.

Time to eat!

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