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Shoulder doing good; Last night’s workout; RSS/XML; Smilies; 1FastGTX.

Thursday, November 10, 2005 by  
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Last night’s workout was chest and abs. After aggravating my shoulder injury during Saturday’s delt workout, I was worried about how my shoulder would handle the heavy presses. I’m happy to report that it was just fine. I changed my workout slightly to minimize the risk, but I still went hard, heavy and intense. This morning my shoulder feels absolutely fine – no pain at all! What a huge relief. As always, I’ve posted my workout log with some additional thoughts in my photo journal. Here’s a direct link to last night’s entry.

The RSS and XML feeds are working perfectly, and are now a permanent feature of the forums. Just scroll to the bottom of the forums while viewing any page and you’ll see the icons. Click on either one for the link. Firefox and Opera browsers should automatically recognize the feed. If you have questions about this new feature or are unfamiliar with RSS, you might want to check out the discussion thread.

All of the known vBulletin 3.51 upgrade issues mentioned in the vBulletin 3.51 upgrade thread have been resolved. With no more bugs to squash, the thread has kind of morphed into “Smilies land”. I’ve been changing some of the old smilies out, some of which just flat-out sucked. As soon as all the existing smilies are replaced with better ones, I’m going to add some new stuff. A big thanks goes out to 1FastGTX for taking the time to find a number of excellent replacement smilies, and even creating some of his own. Most of you already know 1FastGTX from his countless helpful posts. If JSF had a “Member of the Year” award, 1FastGTX would walk away with it. Thanks, Chris!

No lifting today, just boring cardio. That’s OK – I need a little rest! My back is so sore (in a good way) it’s not even funny.

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