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Size gains; New measurements; Shoulder update/delts day.

Saturday, November 12, 2005 by  
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Post-cheat meal bloat is in full effect this morning: My face and body are puffy and I feel a bit groggy. I’m up almost 10 pounds since I started my bulk 12 days ago. That’s not all that surprising. I’d say 4 pounds of that weight is excess water from high carbs and last night’s cheat meal, maybe 3 pounds of it is due to the creatine, a pound of fat and a pound or two of real muscle. Figuring all that up is not an exact science, but that’s probably in the ballpark. My muscles are now fully saturated with water, so from this point forward my weight gain will slow down and will be comprised of mostly muscle along with some fat.

I took some measurements this morning and updated my stats page. My arms are up to 16.25 inches (cold) and almost 17.5 inches (pumped). That means they are already more muscular than they were at the end of my last bulk, because back then I was at 14% body fat and now I’m around 8 or 9% body fat and a little bigger. My chest has also increased to 42.5 inches (cold) and my quads have exploded nearly 3/4 of an inch to just shy of 23.25 inches. My quads will be 25-26 inches by the end of this bulk, mark my words. They grow FAST. If the rest of my body grew as quickly as my legs, I’d be a freak! My overall strength is up, and every one of my workouts has been amazing. Aside from the shoulder strain, I don’t think I could have asked for a better start to my bulk.

Speaking of my shoulder, today is delts & traps. My shoulder feels good this morning, and has for a few days now. I’ve decided to go ahead with tonight’s delt workout, but I’m going to reduce the weights I normally use by a third. This will allow me to get a decent workout in while testing to see if the strain is truly healed. If my shoulder starts hurting I’m going to cut the workout short. I’m not taking any chances after last week’s scare – that was a terrible feeling. It seems I’ve been blessed with a second chance, and I’m going to do everything I can to prevent another incident. I’ve got big plans and big goals for this bulk, and they don’t include nursing an injury.

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