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Weekend recap; Last night’s workout; New picture; New Video.

Monday, November 21, 2005 by  
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I hope everyone had a great weekend! Lisa and I spent Saturday cleaning and decorating for the holidays (very early, I know, but we were in the mood), and Sunday we watched some DVDs, finished the decorating and Lisa did some shopping.

As for my workouts, they were both outstanding. I know many of you don’t visit the site on the weekend, so check out Yesterday’s “Christmas delts workout” update if you missed it. It’s pretty funny.

Yesterday I was feeling really good – lots of energy, very positive and in good spirits. I was looking forward to my workout all day long, and by the time 6:00 PM rolled around I felt like I was going to come unglued! I took all that energy and left it in the gym; it was an awesome workout! I had so much fun shooting the quick video during my delts workout, that I decided to shoot another one last night. The details of this workout along with the video and some new pictures can all be found in my Sunday journal update.

It’s been three weeks since I started bulking, so this week I’ll be switching up most of my exercises. I’ll post the new workouts in my journal, and perhaps here.

Well, today’s a cardio day. I’d better get started because it’s a short work week and it’s bound to be a very busy three days!

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