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Last night’s delt/traps workout; Upright rows; Tonight’s bicep/tricep workout.

Sunday, November 27, 2005 by  
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I had a fine delts/traps workout last night. My new delts training routine can be found in my journal. Here’s the direct link to last night’s entry. As you’ll see a little further down in the thread, “JoeSchmo” pointed me to some articles that discuss the upright row, and how hard it is in the shoulder. This was new information to me, and I’m glad Joe took the time to mention it. Obviously with my shoulder problems I try to avoid exercises that are especially hard on it, such as behind-the-neck pull-ups/lat pull-downs/overhead presses. I think I can add upright rows to that list, too. Needless to say I’ll be making an adjustment next week. As I mentioned in the thread, I’ll probably substitute an extra exercise for one of the three delt heads, and rotate that every 3 weeks.

Tonight is my favorite workout of the week: bicep/tricep superset workout! I’ll be changing my exercises up, but I have not worked it out yet. I’ll work on that later today and will post the final routine in my journal tonight after my workout.

Have a fantastic Sunday!

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