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Very sore; Change is important for growth; Last night’s workout; New photo.

Monday, November 28, 2005 by  
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“Ouch!” That word pretty much sums up how I’m feeling this morning. Not a bad “ouch”, but a good one. The pain I’m feeling right now reminds me that I worked my tail off in the gym over the past three days. The soreness is a constant, and oddly welcome, reminder that my muscles are rebuilding. By the time I work those muscles again, they will be bigger and stronger than ever.

I think one of the reasons I’m so sore is because I changed all my exercises routines up this week. This extra soreness I’m feeling reinforces the notion that our bodies adapt quickly and, for maximal results, regular change is required. Even though I’m working the same muscles I’ve always worked, changing the exercises works them slightly differently. As long as I fuel my body properly and get plenty of rest, my body will respond to the new challenges by growing.

Last night’s workout was my biceps/triceps superset workout. My new exercise routine, along with details of the workout and a new photo (arms almost 18 inches!), can be found in my photo journal. As always, here’s a direct link to last night’s post-workout entry.

To those of you have been away celebrating Thanksgiving, welcome back! Our Thanksgiving day was wonderful (our photos).

Mercifully, I have no weight training today. Just some light cardio this morning and some well-deserved rest. I’m going to need it: tomorrow is back day and it’s going to be a killer workout.

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