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Monthly pictures; Steroids; Lisa sails to Mexico (again).

Thursday, December 1, 2005 by  
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I’m pretty happy with today’s monthly pictures. While I’ve definitely softened up a bit in my mid-section, my chest is fuller, my traps have shown excellent growth, my legs are getting huge, my shoulders are rounder and fuller and my arms have shown a pleasing amount of growth for just four weeks of bulking. My lats have also grown, but that growth is not reflected very well in these photos. If you missed it, I put my first month’s gains into numbers a couple of days ago.

I’ve decided to leave my November 1, 2005 (post-cut/pre-bulk) pictures up as I progress through my bulk. I think it will be interesting to use those shots as a baseline for my bulking progress. I expect this month’s progress to be even more dramatic than last month’s gains. I’m not holding anything back – I’m putting every ounce of willpower, strength and energy I have into this bulk. I set my own personal bar pretty high with last year’s bulk, but I’m going to raise that bar even higher this year.

Speaking of last year, I just checked the stats from the first month of my very successful 2004 bulk. I was surprised to learn that I’d only added a comparatively meager 3.8 pounds that first month! This year I’ve gained 14.6 pounds over the same time period. I’d say about 4.5 pounds of that is fat, the rest is lean mass. The pictures speak for themselves. I’m sure quite a few people out there are thinking “yep, STEROIDS!” I give you all my word, I am not a steroid user and I have never, EVER used steroids. Every time I post my bulking gains, I get emails from people who are convinced I’m using juice. My results are from hard work and an awesome diet from SwoleCat. Since day one I’ve been totally honest about every aspect of my fitness program. While I can’t see myself ever wanting to use steroids, if I did ever decide to use them I would have no problem admitting it.

Later today poor Lisa sets off on yet another cruise to Cozumel, Mexico. Man, her company sure knows how to have quarterly meetings! My company sometimes takes us out for lunch when we have meetings. Oh well. The dogs and I will have fun watching some “guy” movies, working out and cranking the stereo until the house shakes. It’s usually fun for about a day, then we all start to miss her. Hopefully the hookers, kegs and drugs will help us deal with it.

No lifting today, but I do have to get some cardio in. I’m going to go do that and then see Lisa off. Have a great day!

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