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Detailed analysis of my 2004 bulk – learning from mistakes.

Friday, December 2, 2005 by  
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Yesterday I mentioned that I only gained 3.8 pounds the first month of my 2004 bulk. That seems striking compared to the 13+ pounds I’ve gained during the first month of this bulk. Always curious, I started looking through my old food logs and quickly discovered one of the reasons my weight gain was so slow last year for the first couple of months of my bulk: I was only eating 2,000 – 2,400 calories per day! Granted, I weighed less then, but that was still not nearly enough food! These days I eat more food than that when I cut!

The second month of my 2004 bulk I continued to eat far too few calories and only gained a total of 3 pounds that whole month! I really short-changed myself by eating too few calories. The reason I was not eating enough is simple: I was still afraid of putting on fat. Most of you who have tried to bulk after losing a large amount of fat understand exactly what I was going though; it’s really tough to knowingly add fat once you’ve worked so hard to lose it. Once I was able to get past that hurdle, my progress really took off…

… in month 3 of my 2004 bulk I added almost 10 pounds. That’s nearly double the weight I added during the two previous months combined. The difference? More food, better sleeping habits and zero alcohol.

By the fourth and final month of my 2004 bulk I had finally let go of the “bulking fat phobia” and was making amazing gains. I was eating around 4,000 calories on most days, eating clean foods, sleeping 8+ hours per night, training hard and I consumed no alcohol. The month-long period from November 20, 2004 – December 20, 2004 showed an impressive 18.2 pound gain. Sure, I added some fat, but I could still see my abs and was only around 14% body fat.

After reviewing the data, it’s easy to see why my gains during the first month of my 2005 bulk eclipse those from the same time period of my 2004 bulk. Even though I made excellent progress last year, I also made some mistakes! It’s worth mentioning that keeping detailed records of your progress is very beneficial; being able to go back and review all this data was very helpful to me.

If you are bulking you can not be afraid to eat! This year, thanks to the SUP2 program, my diet is 100% in order. I also think my current lifting program is better for me when it comes to pure mass gains than MAX-OT was. I really hit the ground running this year, and I expect this month and next month to be even better than the first!

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