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Grip strength equipment; More dumbbells needed; Plate Mates.

Tuesday, December 6, 2005 by  
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Last week I mentioned that my grip was failing on very heavy deadlifts. I’ve done some research on various products that are used specifically to help improve grip strength, and have decided to purchase the Captains of Crush Trainer Gripper and also their No. 1 Gripper. I’m looking forward to working with them. My understanding is that the No 2. gripper is VERY tough for almost anyone to close even once, and only 110 people have ever managed to close the No. 3 gripper. The toughest is the No. 4 gripper: just three people in the whole world have ever closed a No. 4 gripper (one of which was almost certainly wh0areume 😉 ).

I need to pick up some more dumbbells, and I can’t hold out until Christmas. My hex dumbbell set only goes up to 70 pounds, and I’ve needed heavier weights for a long time but have been putting it off because I still don’t have a rack and they are taking up a lot of floor space. I guess it’s time to pick up a rack, too. I was talking to SwoleCat last night and he had some very good suggestions with regards to my shoulders and going heavy on pressing movements. I want to start incorporating more dumbbell work into my chest workouts, and my 70 pounders just don’t cut it. I think I’m going to bite the bullet and bring my set up to 120 pounds. I wish they made Plate Mates in 2.5 pound (per plate) increments for hex dumbbells – that would save me a fortune. I’ve only been able to find Plate Mates weighing 2.5 pounds for doughnut dumbbells. Please let me know if I’ve missed something and 2.5 hex Plate Mates actually do exist.

I’ve been adding 10 pounds per week to my deadlifts for a couple of months now, and last week I mentioned that I may try to add 20 pounds for tonight’s back workout. I’ve given it some thought and decided against that. I don’t want to risk an injury, and 10 pounds per week is good progress. If I can keep up that pace for the rest of my bulk I’m going to be quite happy.

Time to eat! See ya…

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