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Last night’s workout; New photo; Good kitchen scale.

Wednesday, December 7, 2005 by  
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Last night’s back workout was excellent! As compared to last week, I went up 10 more pounds on my deads, 10 pounds on my T-bar rows, 5 pounds on my reverse-grip ez-bar rows and managed a few more reps on my wide-grip pull-ups. I also added 10 pounds to my barbell shrugs and did more reps on every set compared to last week. As of this morning my body weight is up to 206 pounds, and my strength and size have been increasing at a very satisfying rate. More details on the workout and a new progress photo can be found in last night’s post-workout photo journal entry.

With regards to the new JSF Amazon mall, one excellent suggestion is that I create a thread with some of my favorite things: books, DVDs, electronics, CDs, kitchen stuff – you name it. I’m going to work on that, but I thought that in the meantime I’d mention a product or two each day in my daily update. I’ll only mention products that I have purchased myself and think would be of use to the members of the JSF community.

One item that I’ve found absolutely indispensable in the kitchen is an electronic scale. I used to have one of those cheap mechanical scales with a small plastic tray, and it just sucked. The scale I’ve been using for the past few months is the Salter 11 Pound Electronic Stainless Kitchen Scale (Round). It’s 66 bucks and worth every penny (the same scale is also available in a square version for 60 bucks). It has an auto-shutoff feature, it converts from metric to imperial with the touch of a button and you can zero it out as you add ingredients. For example, I put my PWO protein shaker with water on it, press a button to measure in grams, zero it out, add the correct amount of protein, zero it out and then add the correct amount of dextrose. After my workouts, the last thing I want to do is math! It’s also very handy when measuring for cooking or making sure you get exactly the right portion. It’s totally accurate, and looks great sitting on the counter. Highly recommended!

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