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Leg workout; Giving your all; Motivational DVDs.

Saturday, December 10, 2005 by  
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Last night’s leg workout kicked my butt! By the time I finished it I was so sweaty that it looked like I’d just come in from the rain. My legs were shaking so badly that I had to sit down on the edge of the tub a couple of times while I was showering in order to avoid falling over. I added 10 pounds to my squats and my leg presses, and still managed to go up in reps on both. I stayed the same weight on my lunges and calf raises, but went up in reps on both. I also kept my rest intervals very brief; by the time I finished my lunges I thought my lungs were going to burst open! It was a very satisfying workout, but not a “fun” workout by any stretch.

With each workout I’m challenging myself to push harder and go further than I’ve ever gone before. I’m leaving everything I have in the gym. When I finish a workout, I can look back and honestly say I gave it my all physically, mentally and emotionally. Why waste your time with a sub-maximal effort? You’re there, you have a job to do and you have goals you want to reach, right? So seize the opportunity before you, and make every second you spend in the gym really count. You can do it!

Yesterday I featured some of my favorite motivational weight training music, so today I think I’ll continue along those same lines. Over the next few months I’m sure I’ll talk about my favorite DVDs and other items that have nothing to do with fitness in this space, but this morning I’m going talk about a couple of DVDs that really get me motivated and fired up!

First up is an obvious choice: Pumping Iron: 25th Anniversary Special Edition DVD. This is a very entertaining and motivational film, and it’s wonderfully presented on the 25th Anniversary Special Edition DVD. This movie never fails to get me amped up and hungry to hit the weights. In addition to the feature film, there are a number of very entertaining bonus features on this DVD, such as “Iron and Beyond”, which is a retrospective feature complete with current interviews with most the major cast members (who reunited for a screening of the film). Another great bonus feature is Raw Iron which documents the making of “Pumping Iron” and contains a number of rarely-seen outtakes. A candid new interview with Arnold rounds out the package. This is a “must-have” DVD for just about any weight lifter!

The second DVD I want to talk about is actually a boxed set: The Rocky Anthology. Chances are you’ve seen most of these films, but if you don’t own them on DVD you should think about picking up the very reasonably-priced box set. I revisited the original film shortly after I began my transformation in 2003, and it had a major impact on me (even though I’d already seen it a dozen times). I love this film, and never tire of watching it. In fact, I’m probably going to watch it again today! The first film is by far my favorite, but the second film is also a true classic. The third film (with “Mr. T”) begins the downslide of the series, but has a number of worthwhile moments. The fourth film is fairly weak, but still ranks up there as an enjoyable “guilty pleasure”, thanks to the memorable training scenes and, of course, Ivan Drago (“I must break you!”) Despite a return to the director’s chair by John G. Avildsen (the director of original “Rocky”), the fifth movie was ultimately a let-down for most. Still, it’s great to have the entire collection on DVD for such a reasonable price.

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