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Fat loss and the new year; Last night’s workout; New pictures; Fuji S9000.

Monday, December 12, 2005 by  
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Less than three weeks until the new year, and you know what that means: very soon countless people, filled with good intentions and fresh resolve, will descend upon gyms all over the world on an incredible and epic transformation journey that will last, oh, 3 weeks? A month? Yep, unfortunately for most people their time will be wasted; they’ll give up before the end of the month and go back to their old habits. It doesn’t have to be that way – just take a look at all the people on the forums who have changed their lives forever. They did it by educating themselves and following through with hard work. It’s that simple. If you are ready for a change in 2006, now is the time to start educating yourself and formulating a plan. Don’t be one of those people who wakes up on January 1st and tries to lose weight through starvation. Those people are going to fail – no one can live like that. Sure, they may drop a few pounds, but a lot of it will be water and muscle. As soon as they resume their old habits they will be fatter and more unhealthy than ever. Permanent fat loss means changing your eating habits and regular exercise – and, yes, that includes weight training.

Speaking of weight training, I had an excellent bicep and tricep workout last night! My arms have finally hit 18 inches (pumped). All the details and a whole bunch of new pictures can be found in last night’s post-workout journal entries.

For today’s “Favorite Things” item, I’ve selected my camera, which I’ve owned for almost two years and absolutely love! Actually, my camera – the Fuji S7000 – is not made any more, so I’ve selected the replacement model for my camera: the Fuji S9000. The S9000 is very similar to my camera, but with some nice improvements. A few of the notable features include: 9 MegaPixel CCD, 10.7x optical zoom, 30fps movie mode with sound (movie length limited only by storage card), very little shutter lag, fast start-up time, many shooting modes (everything from several point-and-shoot auto modes, to full-on manual mode), built-in flash, a hot shoe for external flash attachment, ability to use different lenses and filters, great image quality and two macro modes. Every picture and video I’ve posted on this site and the forums since March 29, 2004 was shot with my S7000. I love it, and have never had a single problem with it despite years of daily use.

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