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Last night’s workout; New photo; Fat Track calipers and the MyoTape.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005 by  
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What a workout last night! I was so tired that I didn’t even update my photo journal until this morning. You can check the latest entry out, along with a new picture, right here.

I had to stay up a little later than normal to handle some network issues, so I slept in a little longer that usual this morning. Sleep is as important as training, so I’m serious about getting the proper amount of rest! I’m running a little behind as a result, so I’m going to jump right into today’s “Favorite Things” entry:

Today I’m going to feature a couple of items that I’ve used almost daily for the past few years: the Accumeasure FAT TRACK GOLD Digital Fat Meter and MyoTape Body Measurer. I know the picture only shows the caliper, but this is a bundle – it does come with the MyoTape, too. The calipers are excellent once you learn how to use them. Keep in mind that working with the calipers takes practice, and you will get inconsistent readings until you get a feel for them. Once you get good with the calipers, though, you’ll find that they are pretty accurate for a 3-point caliper – far better than any of the body fat scales I’ve used. The MyoTape is awesome. I use it to take all my measurements, and it’s so easy to use and accurate that you’ll never go back to a standard soft tape again. These are a couple of items no fitness enthusiast should be without!

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