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Leg day; The Magic Of Thinking Big.

Friday, December 16, 2005 by  
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I never feel like I have much to talk about the day after my cardio-only days. Cardio days are so… mundane. All the action happens in the weight room around here (well, not ALL the action!) Hrm. Anyway, tonight is leg night and I’ll be switching my exercises around. I think I’m going to do some pre-exhaust leg work before my squats and then do a medium weight, high rep squat routine. I’ll finish off with one of my favorite calf exercises, the one-leg DB calf raise.

Today’s Favorite Thing item is something that I think most you will enjoy. This is a book that Skip “Abdominator” Podar recommended to me way back in 2003. When Skip and I first “met”, it was early in my transformation and I was still struggling to break the patterns of negative thinking that I’d developed over the past 10 years. Skip noticed this self-defeating trait in my forum posts, and recommended a book: The Magic Of Thinking Big. This is NOT a weight training or body building book. This book is all about the power of the mind. I believe the information in this book played a large roll in laying the foundation of who I am today. It’s powerful, insightful and inspiring. I don’t read or own many books of this kind, as they are usually not my cup of tea. This is one of the few “self help” books that I can recommend to everyone without hesitation.

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