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Bad workout yesterday; Busy day ahead.

It was bound to happen: I had my first “bad” 2005 bulk workout yesterday. I don’t know what happened, I was feeling great and started off with no problems. I did some high-volume (medium weight, high rep) pre-exhaust leg work before my squats, but when it came time to squat I got that horrible weak feeling one gets when blood sugar levels are too low. I have not felt that in a long, long time. I felt weak and lightheaded. The only thing that I did differently from normal was have steamed shrimp and rice instead of chicken and rice for lunch. I don’t think that had anything to do with it, but it’s the only thing that was different from my normal diet. Anyway, I made it through the workout (barely) and felt better once I got some food in me. I feel a little weak this morning, too, but I have not eaten yet. Maybe I’ve got a little touch of a bug?

I’ve got a very busy day ahead; there are a lot of last-minute Christmas preparations I need to take care of, and it’s time once again for our monthly trip to Costco. Have a great day!