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Good workout yesterday; Delts/traps routine; Happy with traps; New picture.

Sunday, December 18, 2005 by  
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I was feeling a little under the weather yesterday (mostly my stomach), but I went ahead and worked out anyway. I’m glad that I did, it was a great workout! My shoulders are continuing to make good progress, but I’m especially pleased with how my traps have responded so far. Details on the workout, along with my current delts/traps exercise routine and a new post-workout picture can be found in last night’s post-workout journal entry.

I’m done with my Christmas shopping, but Lisa has a few more things to pick up. She and her mom are heading out this morning to brave the crowds. Me? I’m still feeling less than 100%, so I’m going to rest up and get ready for this evening’s killer bicep/tricep workout. There are just six weeks left until the end of my current bulk, and I intend to make every second of those six weeks count.

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