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Shopping done; Motivational series of progress photos; Last night’s workout.

Monday, December 19, 2005 by  
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I hope everyone had a very nice weekend. We’re done with all our Christmas shopping, so this week we can relax, enjoy the cool weather and watch some Christmas DVDs. Lisa will be doing a lot of baking this week. Our pantry is overflowing with all kinds of sinful baking ingredients. It’s interesting that in our day-to-day lives Lisa hasn’t done anything more adventurous in the kitchen than heat a burrito in the microwave, but when the holidays roll around she can bake brownies, cakes, cookies, pies, confections and sweets to absolute perfection. 😉 I’ll probably sample a little here and there, but I’d rather fill up on Turkey and other foods that will help my bulking progress.

Speaking of progress, check out this series of pictures I put together yesterday. These pictures further illustrate how much change is possible if you put your mind and heart into making it happen. Each picture was taken over four successive Decembers, and they represent three years of hard work and dedication. The first photo was taken in December 2002, just before I started my transformation. I was fat, unhealthy, out of shape and depressed; I drank alcohol nightly and I smoked pot daily. Three years ago I decided enough was enough and I changed the things in my life that were slowly destroying me. Do you look like my first picture, or worse, right now? There’s nothing stopping you from changing but YOU.

Progress over the past 3 years

Progress over the past 3 years

I had a great workout last night. Here’s a link to last night’s workout log.

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