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Last night’s workout; Up to 208 pounds!

Friday, December 23, 2005 by  
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Because I had to attend a company Christmas dinner on Wednesday night, I made up my chest workout last night (which is normally a night off). It was an excellent workout, and I made good use of my new dumbbells: I went up in weight on every single exercise (DB bench press, DB incline press, DB decline press and cable cross-overs), and even managed more reps than last week on a couple of those exercises. My left shoulder (the better of my two) was protesting a bit with some pain and grinding, but nothing that prevented me from completing the workout. This morning the shoulder feels fine. Tonight is leg night, tomorrow I hit my delts and Sunday (Christmas) I will postpone my arm workout until Monday (which is normally my other day off).

I’m up to 208 pounds as of this morning! The fat I’ve added along with my muscle has not been too bad at all, but there’s definitely some pudge around my mid-section. It’s also showing in my face quite a lot. I remember when it used to bother me a great deal to add any fat at all. This time around I can honestly say I don’t care one bit. I know the fat gain is only temporary, but the muscle gain is not. Once I finish this bulk and cut back down to 8% body fat, I’m going to have the best body of my life – by far. I can’t wait to hit the beach!

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