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Dumbbell rack/dumbbells arrives today; Diet adjustment; Holiday excuses.

I’m so excited – today my new 3-tier dumbbell rack, along with my 90-pound and 100-pound dumbbells, will arrive by truck! Those new dumbbells are going to come in handy for tonight’s workout – my 85-pound dumbbells are not really cutting it for my one-arm bent-over DB rows. Hopefully I’ll have time to set up the dumbbell rack before my workout. I’ll be sure to get some new pictures and update my home gym page… [Read more]

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Shopping done; Motivational series of progress photos; Last night’s workout.

I hope everyone had a very nice weekend. We’re done with all our Christmas shopping, so this week we can relax, enjoy the cool weather and watch some Christmas DVDs. Lisa will be doing a lot of baking this week. Our pantry is overflowing with all kinds of sinful baking ingredients. It’s interesting that in our day-to-day lives Lisa hasn’t done anything more adventurous in the kitchen than heat a burrito in the microwave, but… [Read more]

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Good workout yesterday; Delts/traps routine; Happy with traps; New picture.

I was feeling a little under the weather yesterday (mostly my stomach), but I went ahead and worked out anyway. I’m glad that I did, it was a great workout! My shoulders are continuing to make good progress, but I’m especially pleased with how my traps have responded so far. Details on the workout, along with my current delts/traps exercise routine and a new post-workout picture can be found in last night’s post-workout journal entry…. [Read more]

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Bad workout yesterday; Busy day ahead.

It was bound to happen: I had my first “bad” 2005 bulk workout yesterday. I don’t know what happened, I was feeling great and started off with no problems. I did some high-volume (medium weight, high rep) pre-exhaust leg work before my squats, but when it came time to squat I got that horrible weak feeling one gets when blood sugar levels are too low. I have not felt that in a long, long time…. [Read more]

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Leg day; The Magic Of Thinking Big.

I never feel like I have much to talk about the day after my cardio-only days. Cardio days are so… mundane. All the action happens in the weight room around here (well, not ALL the action!) Hrm. Anyway, tonight is leg night and I’ll be switching my exercises around. I think I’m going to do some pre-exhaust leg work before my squats and then do a medium weight, high rep squat routine. I’ll finish off… [Read more]

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Last night’s workout; Watch winders; Cardio day.

Last night’s chest and abs workout went very well. I’m switching up my exercises this week, and for chest I’ll be doing mostly dumbbell work for the next three weeks. Details on last night’s workout, along with specific exercises, are in last night’s post-workout journal entry. I also talked a little bit about my current body fat level, which is now around 11%. Today’s Favorite Things entry is something very useful for those of you… [Read more]

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MyoTape Myotape

Once I tried it, I never used anything else. Inexpensive, accurate and easy to use, the MyoTape is awesome!

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Last night’s workout; New photo; Fat Track calipers and the MyoTape.

What a workout last night! I was so tired that I didn’t even update my photo journal until this morning. You can check the latest entry out, along with a new picture, right here. I had to stay up a little later than normal to handle some network issues, so I slept in a little longer that usual this morning. Sleep is as important as training, so I’m serious about getting the proper amount of… [Read more]

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Back workout for the next three weeks; Favorite Christmas DVDs.

To keep things fresh and to keep my body “off balance” I change my weight training exercise routines every three weeks. This is week seven of my bulk, so it’s this week I’ll be changing all my workouts. Today I work my back and delts, so here’s the plan for the next three back/delts workouts: BACK 4×10-12 Low cable rows 4×10-12 Wide-grip lat pulldowns (to front) 4×8-10 Deadlifts 4×10-12 Bent-over dumbbell rows TRAPS 4xburnout Smith… [Read more]

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Fat loss and the new year; Last night’s workout; New pictures; Fuji S9000.

Less than three weeks until the new year, and you know what that means: very soon countless people, filled with good intentions and fresh resolve, will descend upon gyms all over the world on an incredible and epic transformation journey that will last, oh, 3 weeks? A month? Yep, unfortunately for most people their time will be wasted; they’ll give up before the end of the month and go back to their old habits. It… [Read more]

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