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Dumbbell rant; Christmas presents for this year; Home gym; New pictures.

Good day, fellow fitness enthusiasts! Pardon me while I whine for a minute. Orlando likes to pretend she’s a big city, but how is it that not one damned store in this berg I call home carries 90 through 120 pound hex dumbbells?! I did manage to find some 80 pound hex dumbbells the other day at Play It Again Sports, but was told that “anything over 80 pounds must be special ordered, and the… [Read more]

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Pumping Iron: 25th Anniversary Special Edition DVD

“Pumping Iron” is an absolute classic. This movie never fails to get me amped up and hungry to hit the weights.

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Leg workout; Giving your all; Motivational DVDs.

Last night’s leg workout kicked my butt! By the time I finished it I was so sweaty that it looked like I’d just come in from the rain. My legs were shaking so badly that I had to sit down on the edge of the tub a couple of times while I was showering in order to avoid falling over. I added 10 pounds to my squats and my leg presses, and still managed to… [Read more]

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Sore pecs; Cheat meal a day early; Big list of my favorite lifting music!

Man, my pecs are VERY sore this morning. The only thing I really did different this week was I lightened the load a little bit for my cable-crossover work and did super-slow reps with a 3-second pause and contract between the positive and negative phases. Oh, and I added 20 pounds to my incline dumbbell presses. Why such a big jump? Simple: I upgraded my dumbbell collection! I was forced to go light up until… [Read more]

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Dumbbell Power Hooks

If you bench with heavy dumbbells, Power Hooks are a must-have home gym accessory!

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New feature: Favorite things; Power Hooks; New photos; Sore!

I’ve started a new thread on the forum that I will update daily (more or less): John’s Favorite Things. Each day I’m going to feature a new item that I use in my daily life and that think would be of interest to the community. Today’s item is something no home gym should be without: Power Hooks! Struggling to get into position with heavy dumbbells to perform pressing movements can be very difficult and tough… [Read more]

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Last night’s workout; New photo; Good kitchen scale.

Last night’s back workout was excellent! As compared to last week, I went up 10 more pounds on my deads, 10 pounds on my T-bar rows, 5 pounds on my reverse-grip ez-bar rows and managed a few more reps on my wide-grip pull-ups. I also added 10 pounds to my barbell shrugs and did more reps on every set compared to last week. As of this morning my body weight is up to 206 pounds,… [Read more]

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Captains of Crush Grippers

Captains of Crush grippers are the undisputed king of grippers. If you want to improve your crushing grip strength, these are the grippers to get.

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Grip strength equipment; More dumbbells needed; Plate Mates.

Last week I mentioned that my grip was failing on very heavy deadlifts. I’ve done some research on various products that are used specifically to help improve grip strength, and have decided to purchase the Captains of Crush Trainer Gripper and also their No. 1 Gripper. I’m looking forward to working with them. My understanding is that the No 2. gripper is VERY tough for almost anyone to close even once, and only 110 people… [Read more]

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Last night’s workout; New photos; Growth; Lagging shoulders.

I didn’t feel much like working out last night. I did it anyway (of course!) and wound up having an excellent workout. More details on the workout and a couple of new photographs can be found in my photo journal. Here’s your direct link to last night’s entry. I updated my stats page this morning with this week’s measurements. I am very pleased with my growth (but never satisfied!) I’ve added a good amount of… [Read more]

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