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Water weight gone, now the real fat loss begins!

As expected, I rapidly dropped a lot of water weight since I ended my bulk on Friday – about 6 pounds. My face and body both look a lot less puffy compared to how I looked on Saturday morning. Now the slow, controlled weight loss begins. Figuring a maximum of 2 pounds of fat loss per week, I should be just below 200 pounds by the end of the month. I may need to bump… [Read more]

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I have a very busy month at work ahead of me.

If you didn’t check the site over the weekend, I ended my bulking phase and started my cutting program on Saturday. I also switched my monthly picture day from the 6th of each month to the 1st of each month. You can read about my final bulking stats and my cutting plans by checking out Saturday’s Daily News Update. Today is my first day back to work after a well needed (and much enjoyed) week… [Read more]

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Lost some water weight; Forum maintenance.

If you missed yesterday’s update, you might want to check it out: I’ve completed my bulk, and have started my cutting cycle. Yesterday’s post sums up my bulking progress and lays out my cutting plan. As expected, I dropped 3 pounds of water right away just by cutting my calories back to around 3,000 yesterday. I expect to lose maybe another 2-3 pounds quickly, and then I should settle into a 1-2 pound loss per… [Read more]

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Happy New Year! Final bulking stats; Cutting starts today.

Happy New Year! My 4.5 month bulking cycle is finally over! I’m 100% pleased with the progress I made, and I’m also surprised and amazed at how well my shoulders held up to the torture. In fact, my shoulders feel better now than they did before I started my bulk. Here are the final bulking stats. I… …gained 39.2 pounds, about 25 pounds of which is lean mass …added 70 pounds to my bench press… [Read more]

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