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Happy Thanksgiving; Workout updates; New photo.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Americans! As I wrote earlier this week, I think each of us should take a little time every single day to focus on all the good things in our lives. To me, Thanksgiving is the “formal” day on which family and friends gather and celebrate that which we should never lose sight of in the first place. I could fill a book with all things for which I’m thankful,… [Read more]

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Last night’s back workout; New pictures; Tonight’s chest workout; Tomorrow.

I went with the new exercises I posted yesterday for last night’s back workout. For details on the workout along with some new pictures (and some comparison photos of my back’s progress), check out my photo journal on the forum. Here’s a direct link to last night’s entry. Tonight is chest and abs. Here’s my planned workout, which I will do for the next three weeks: CHEST 4×10 Smith machine bench press 4×10 Incline DB… [Read more]

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Cold, windy morning; Tentative new back workout.

It sure is windy and cold (well, cold for Orlando!) this morning. The dogs love to go outside when it’s like this – the cold weather makes them very playful and frisky. I like it, too. It feels good to go outside and feel something besides heat and humidity. I’m starting the fourth week of my bulk, and that means it’s time to switch up my exercises. Tonight is back and traps night, and I’m… [Read more]

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Weekend recap; Last night’s workout; New picture; New Video.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Lisa and I spent Saturday cleaning and decorating for the holidays (very early, I know, but we were in the mood), and Sunday we watched some DVDs, finished the decorating and Lisa did some shopping. As for my workouts, they were both outstanding. I know many of you don’t visit the site on the weekend, so check out Yesterday’s “Christmas delts workout” update if you missed it. It’s… [Read more]

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Early Christmas workout; New pictures; New Video.

Last night’s shoulder/traps workout was… interesting. Have you ever grunted out heavy-ass upright cable rows while Jewel sings, “Fall on your knees/Hear the angel’s voices/O night divine”? Well, I have. For more details on last night’s magical early Christmas workout (complete with pictures and a very silly video I made of myself in the middle of the workout), check out my photo journal. Here’s a direct link to last night’s workout log. The inside of… [Read more]

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Giving thanks and the power of positive thinking.

Thanksgiving is this coming Thursday (USA), and I’ve got a lot to accomplish before the big gathering at our house. Today Lisa and I will be shopping, cleaning and planning the festivities. I like this time of year a lot. I’m looking forward to the cool weather, a few days off from work and spending time with my family and friends. It’s dangerously easy to take all the good things in our lives for granted…. [Read more]

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16.5 inches, cold. Key differences between this year’s bulk and last year’s bulk.

I had a nice day of rest yesterday, and am more than ready to work my legs tonight. While I was sitting around yesterday afternoon wishing I could lift, I decided to measure my arm while it was “cold” (no pump). I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I’ve already hit 16.5 inches, cold. That’s the biggest my arms have ever been, and I’m only 2 weeks into my bulk (and still at a fairly… [Read more]

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Picture page feedback; Yesterday’s chest & abs workout; Calm before the storm.

Thanks for all the positive feedback on the redesign of the Pictures section of the site. The thumbnails make browsing the “other pictures” archive much easier and more enjoyable. I knew an upgrade to that section of the site was long overdue, but I never seemed to have the time to get to it. I decided to work on it a little bit at a time whenever I could. Before I knew it, the project… [Read more]

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Redesigned picture page/CMS is live; Yesterday’s back workout.

I’ve pretty much completed the CMS (Content Management System) and the new layout for the pictures page, and have made it “live” as of this morning! I set out to create a simple CMS but it wound up getting a lot more complicated. I am using the GD libs to dynamically re-size and crop the full-sized images and then display them as uniform 120×120 thumbnails, regardless of the aspect ratio of the original picture. Resizing… [Read more]

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Updates: Titan review, merchandise redesign, redesigned picture page/CMS.

I’m juggling a few JSF-related projects right now. Let me bring you up to speed: First, I’m working on the official JSF Titan review. It’s going to be pretty detailed, so it’s taking a while to get it right. I’ve gone back and redesigned the outline about 3 times now. I’m trying to strike the right balance between informative and overkill. Another project I’m just getting started on is the JSF merchandise re-design. Everything will… [Read more]

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