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The weekend; Last two workouts; Cardio day.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I got some work done around the house, Lisa and I spent some time outside working in the gardens, we watched a couple of movies and I had a couple of very intense and very rewarding strength training workouts: On Saturday I worked my delts & traps and yesterday I toasted my biceps & triceps (links go to their respective journal entries w/photos). My shoulder feel fine this… [Read more]

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Yesterday’s delt workout; New pictures; Euphoria.

I’m pleased (and relieved) to report that my shoulder held up just fine for yesterday’s delt and traps workout. There’s a little pain this morning, but I’d say it’s only 10% of what I was feeling last week. I guess I just strained it. As for yesterday’s workout, my shoulder felt so good after the first set that I decided to forgo the planned reduced weight “test” workout and use normal, heavy weights. It was… [Read more]

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Size gains; New measurements; Shoulder update/delts day.

Post-cheat meal bloat is in full effect this morning: My face and body are puffy and I feel a bit groggy. I’m up almost 10 pounds since I started my bulk 12 days ago. That’s not all that surprising. I’d say 4 pounds of that weight is excess water from high carbs and last night’s cheat meal, maybe 3 pounds of it is due to the creatine, a pound of fat and a pound or… [Read more]

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Smilies are done; Why I love Friday.

I may tweak one or two of the new smilies on the forum, but I think we’re mostly done with the smilies upgrades. There are now approximately 40 carefully selected smilies, so those of you who like using them in your posts should enjoy this little “upgrade” a lot. Those of you who don’t like smilies will have your patience continually tested, thanks to doordude42’s breathless and giddy smilie overuse. Because doordude posts in just… [Read more]

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Shoulder doing good; Last night’s workout; RSS/XML; Smilies; 1FastGTX.

Last night’s workout was chest and abs. After aggravating my shoulder injury during Saturday’s delt workout, I was worried about how my shoulder would handle the heavy presses. I’m happy to report that it was just fine. I changed my workout slightly to minimize the risk, but I still went hard, heavy and intense. This morning my shoulder feels absolutely fine – no pain at all! What a huge relief. As always, I’ve posted my… [Read more]

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Logo finalized; New feature: RSS feeds; More pictures; Fan mail.

I want to thank Brian “Genetix” Howard once again for his help in tweaking the logo colors and the “JohnStoneFitness.com” text yesterday. Brian gladly went well beyond his obligations as the logo contest winner, and his efforts have made a huge impact on the look of this site and on the forums. I love the new look and the new logo! Thanks again, Brian. Another requested feature has just been added to the forum: an… [Read more]

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New logo is up; Tonight’s workout/shoulder.

Updated accidentally deleted. 🙁

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Shoulder updated; Workout log/new pictures; New music; Lisa.

As I mentioned in Saturday evening’s post-workout journal entry and again in yesterday’s Daily News update, my right shoulder started bothering me while working my delts on Saturday night. I’m happy to report that last night’s biceps & triceps workout went as planned, and there was very little shoulder pain. In fact, this morning my shoulder feels pretty good! I’ll keep a close watch on it over the next couple of weeks. I may have… [Read more]

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Shoulder pain; Yesterday’s workout; New pictures.

I’m a little worried about my right shoulder this morning. Last night was delts & traps. While I was doing bent over dumbbell raises I experienced the same pain that I felt back in 2003 when I injured my right shoulder. After my workout I iced the shoulder down and took an anti-inflammatory, but this morning it’s still not feeling quite right. Tonight’s workout (biceps and triceps) is still a tentative “go”, but I’m going… [Read more]

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Yesterday’s leg workout; ATW has new products!

It’s been a little over 12 hours since my leg workout, and I’ve already got that familiar “pre-DOMS” feeling that I love so much. By this time tomorrow I should be really sore. I’ve updated my journal with yesterday’s workout log. All The Whey has a couple of new products that I think you’ll really enjoy! I don’t know how they did it, but somehow they’ve manage to make their hydrolyzed whey protein isolate taste… [Read more]

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