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Great weekend workouts; Stats update and progress report.

Monday, January 16, 2006 by  
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In case you did not check the site over the weekend, I had a couple of terrific workouts: delts & traps on Saturday, and arms last night. Here’s the journal entry and a new photo from my delts & traps workout, and here’s last night’s bicep/tricep journal entry, which also has four new photos.

My back is still healing from the relatively minor injury I sustained a little over two weeks ago; thankfully the injury has not affected my ability to train most body parts. These last couple of weeks of my bulk are important to me, so I’m very thankful that I’m able to train. I think the five days that I was forced to take off actually did me some good: I feel rested and refreshed. My body also continued to grow while I was resting, which, of course, makes perfect sense.

I updated my stats page this morning with my new measurements. All measurements are taken cold and flexed. My quads are up to a personal best of 26 inches, my chest is up to an all-time high of 44 inches and my calves & arms set high-water marks at 17.25 inches each. Interestingly my calves and arms were both 16 inches before my bulk, so I seem to be adding mass at almost the exact same rate to both body parts – about a quarter of an inch every two weeks. Checking last year’s bulking measurements, I added 2.5 inches to my arms in about 4.4 months, and that also averages out to a little over a quarter of an inch every two weeks. My arms and legs are definitely my genetic strong-points: I wish my back, traps and delts would respond so well!

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