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Day off; wh0areume’s journal of cool.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006 by  
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It looks like I’m going to get to take one of my comp days today! I’ll be amazed if work doesn’t call or radio at least 6 times. I’m going to wash my car, clean the bedroom, watch a movie and participate in the usual pointless “Seinfeld-esque” banter that goes on every day in the V.I.P. forum. wh0areume’s journal of cool has morphed into a raucous chat thread in which anything and everything is discussed. It seems like 20-30 pages of nonsense (albeit funny nonsense) are added every day. The rules are a little more relaxed in the V.I.P. forums, but sometimes we really push the envelope of good taste. If you are easily offended, it’s probably best to stay away from wh0’s journal!

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