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Last night’s leg workout; Huge amount of water lost in 2 days.

Last night I worked my legs for the first time since I tweaked my back on January 6th. I was able to do everything but squats. While I don’t consider leg presses a replacement for squats, they are certainly a great way to tax the quads without any lower back strain. With the Titan I have the option of low leg presses, high leg presses and even vertical leg presses. My back is feeling slightly tweaked this morning, so I know it’s still healing. Realistically it will probably be at least another month before I can squat or deadlift again: I want to make absolutely sure it’s fully healed before I put too much stress on it.

I’m amazed at how much water I’ve lost in just two days – I’m down to 218.8 pounds! That’s a 6.2 pound loss since Wednesday. A small portion of that weight loss is fat, but most of it is the excess water I’ve been carrying around. My face and body don’t look nearly as puffy and bloated as they did just 2 days ago. Now that I’ve shed most of the excess water I was holding, from this point forward the weight I lose will be almost entirely fat.

Cardio time for me, and then a busy day of work ahead. Happy Friday everyone!