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19 inch arms (w/ picture); New split/schedule for SGX weight training; No cheats;

Saturday, February 4, 2006 by  
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Now that I’m on SGX, I’ve moved from a 5-day split to a 4-day split. Basically I’m combining delts and arms and working them on the same day. I work delts first since they need the most attention, then I superset my biceps/triceps. Last night was my first of the arm/delt workouts, and it was a great one! I hadn’t planned to take any pictures, but after the workout I measured my arms and was shocked to see that they measured 19 inches. That’s a personal best, and especially surprising because I’m into my cut and I’m already down 7 pounds (as of this morning). More details on the workout and a picture to mark the occasion can be found in last night’s journal entry.

I’ve decided to change my weight training days while I do SGX. I’m not changing the order of my workouts or the timings between workouts – I’m just shifting the days. The reason is because I want to keep my weekend evenings free, so I’m going to do all my weight training on weekdays. I do cardio 7 days per week, but at least now I won’t be tied to the house on the weekends knowing I have an evening workout. Here’s the split:

Monday: Cardio (AM); Chest & abs (PM)
Tuesday: Cardio (AM); Back & traps (PM)
Wednesday: Cardio (AM)
Thursday: Cardio (AM); Legs (PM)
Friday: Cardio (AM); Arms & delts (PM)
Saturday: Cardio (AM);
Sunday: Cardio (AM);

With the exception of a glass of wine on Valentine’s day, I’ve decided that I’m not going to have any cheat meals or alcohol until the annual JSF cheat meal on the 18th. I haven’t had a drink in something like 3 months, so I’m pretty used to that… but it’s been a while since I went the “no cheat” meal route. I may take one day each week on which I’ll eat extra calories, but no junk food whatsoever. I’m focused on one thing right now: fat loss and cutting. I don’t want to do anything that stands in the way of that goal.

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