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Planning your meals: a recopied for success (*groan*).

Wednesday, February 8, 2006 by  
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I think a lot of people fall off the nutritional wagon because they fail to plan their meals and do not have the foods they need readily available. Not many people who can’t even take the time to plan their meals in advance are going to go to the store when they realize they are out of what they should be eating. If you’re out of chicken breasts and have a frozen pizza in the house, chances are you’re going to be having pizza for dinner. Solving this problem is simple, but it takes some discipline. I always plan all my meals for the week in advance, and then I create a shopping list from those meal plans. We go to the grocery store once per week, and we only get the food items that we need for that week’s meal plans. If you buy junk food, you’ll eat it – so don’t! If you have a weekly “cheat” meal you can get that while you are at the store, but it requires discipline to ignore those foods until your cheat meal actually rolls around. If you find yourself eating your “cheat” foods before you should, then don’t buy them; order out for your cheat meal, or go out to eat.

As you probably know, proper diet is the keystone for fat loss. If you really want to succeed, then don’t waste your time falling back on excuses because you didn’t plan ahead.

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