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New wardrobe (body building is expensive!)

Sunday, February 12, 2006 by  
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Yesterday was a very productive day. I got everything I wanted to accomplish done, including purchasing a new wardrobe. The new wardrobe was a must: after this last bulk I found that my old clothes simply no longer fit. Yesterday I purchased clothes large enough to accommodate my current weight of around 213 pounds, but I also kept in mind that in a couple of months I’ll be around 13 pounds lighter than I am now. Most of this weight will come off my mid-section, and a little off my thighs.

When Lisa and I returned home with my new clothes, we went though all my old stuff to see what, if anything, I could still wear. Just for kicks, I tried on one of my old suit jackets. It was hilarious! I had to force my arms down the arms of the jacket; Once the jacket was on I could not lift my arms or button the front. You could clearly see the shape of my arms through the material, and when I flexed Lisa yelled at me to stop because it looked like the material was going to rip at the seams. I kind of wanted to see if I could do a “flex ‘n rip”, but the jacket is in good shape and I’d hate to ruin it. Lisa had to help me get the jacket off, and then on to the Goodwill pile it went – along with about a dozen shirts and several pants…

While we were shopping there were a few shirts that I really liked, but my arms were too big to wear them. For the most part, though, I had no problem finding shirts. Pants, however, are another story. Finding pants that are small in the waist but big enough to accommodate my 26 inch quads is tough. I found some jeans (Levis “569” jeans are big in the thigh), but forget about Khaki-type pants. I found some Khakis that sortta fit, but they were too tight in the thigh for my comfort. That’s cool, I’m not a big Khakis guy anyway. I’m much more comfortable in jeans.

I’d better get going, it’s cardio time. Have a great day!

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