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Cold weather brings backyard “intruder” – dogs, er dog, attacks!

Monday, February 13, 2006 by  
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I know many of you are snowed in right now, and are in no mood to hear about how “cold” it is in Orlando; however, it really is pretty cold for this part of the country. Last night the temperature where I live dipped into the upper 20s, and I ran the heat for the first time in a long time. We also built a nice fire last night. Because we knew it was going to drop below freezing, we covered a couple of our tropical plants, including the beautiful Sapphire Duranta (“Sapphire Showers”). We definitely don’t want that one to die: it’s one of the prettiest trees in our backyard!

Anyway, the Sapphire Duranta has grown to about 6 feet tall and once it was covered it looked like a ghost. This morning around 6:15 AM I let the dogs out, and they instantly FREAKED! Well, Loki did – Turtle barked a couple of times, but was so cold that she immediately ran back inside to watch the action from the comfort of our family room. In the pre-dawn light it looked as if someone was standing in our yard, so Loki repeatedly sounded his “alert” bark. Of course every other dog within two miles started barking along with Loki. Once Loki was within 10 feet of the “intruder”, he crouched down and, growling and snarling, began to creep up on the plant. I had to run outside in my boxers with no socks on and bring him inside. I didn’t mind – he’s a good boy. Best dog ever!

Yesterday morning was pretty cold, too, and by the time I finished my cardio all the windows in my gym were steamed up and “sweating”. It’s time once again to generate my own heat on the bike. Have a good Monday – stay warm!!

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