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Cheat meal pictures; New protein sponsor!

Monday, February 20, 2006 by  
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The 2nd Annual JSF Cheat Meal photos are up! We have a huge batch of pictures this year – over 40. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we enjoyed making them.

I’m proud to announce that the new Official JSF protein sponsor is AtLarge Nutrition! As most of you know, AtLarge is already a trusted and well-respected sponsor of this site. AtLarge’s protein powders have been gaining an incredible following on these forums – and that support came about based on nothing more than word of mouth; there has been no direct promotion of AtLarge’s protein on our forums, or on this web site. Probably the biggest complaint we heard about our former protein sponsor was very slow shipping times and poor customer service. You will not have to worry about either of those things with AtLarge: Chris and Daniel take customer service very seriously, and there are already countless positive comments on the forum to prove it. Please feel free to post your reviews and comments in the existing AtLarge Nutrition review and discussion thread.

Here is a special message from Chris and Daniel, the co-owners of AtLarge Nutrition:

Daniel and I are very excited that John has chosen AtLarge Nutrition’s Nitrean and Opticen to be the solely endorsed and advertised protein products on his website. We understand the importance of John’s endorsement to both him and our company. We know that John does not lightly endorse any product and that he is only willing to work with the best.

As many of you already know AtLarge Nutrition has a select range of high quality proprietary nutritional sports supplements. Since our inception it has been our credo to only offer the highest quality products that truly work as claimed. We also pride ourselves on having the best customer service in the business.

Why should you choose Nitrean and or Opticen?
Both Nitrean and Opticen utilize a proprietary protein matrix consisting of whey (isolates, hydrolyzed, and concentrate), casein, and egg proteins. This blend of proteins is superior for all purposes to ANY whey-only product. This is no loose claim of 1000% greater effectiveness or anything of the like. It is a lab proven fact that the absorption rate of a given protein type has a direct effect on one’s net retention of ingested protein. The blend in both Nitrean and Opticen will provide a superior net retention of ingested protein when compared to any whey-only product. As the goal of protein supplementation is to increase the amount of protein available for use by your muscles both Nitrean and Opticen accomplish this better than any whey-only product on the market.

The products’ efficacy is one thing but we know that a protein powder has to taste good and mix well for anyone to use it over the course of time. Nitrean and Opticen mix and taste as good or better than any other protein products on the market.

AtLarge Nutrition will be offering JohnStoneFitness.com members a special 10% discount* on our entire lineup through March 1st in order to commemorate John’s endorsement of our protein products!

Give us a try and get on the road to optimize your body! * Simply enter “JSF” in the “discount coupon” section (on the payment method page) when you place your order.

There you have it! Have a great Monday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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