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Amazing transformations; Are you procrastinating?

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 by  
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Some of the progress photos that have been posted on the forum recently are absolutely mind-blowing! If you are looking for inspiration, you’ll want to check out some of the transformation/progress posts in the Fat loss forum, the Media Gallery forum and the Fitness Journal forum. You’ll find hundreds and hundreds of people from all walks of life who decided to stop making excuses and start making real progress. These people are the reason why JSF is here. When I look at their pictures and read their stories, I become inspired all over again.

If you are fat, out of shape and/or unhealthy it takes guts to face up to that fact and then REALLY do something about it. I have an incredible amount of respect for our members, and feel honored to be part of their lives in some way.

Are you reading these updates, but still sitting on the sidelines? Stop procrastinating. Every day that you wait is another day wasted. Start now, face your problems and then fix them! We are here to help, but you have to start the process. Please, create a free account on the forums and start the ball rolling. Even if it’s just to say “Hello, here’s my situation” in the Introduction forum; it’s a start, and every journey must have a beginning.

A couple of reminders, in case you missed yesterday’s update: AtLarge Nutrition has been named the Official JSF protein sponsor. Details and money-saving coupon code can be found here. Also, the 2nd Annual JSF Cheat Meal photos are up.

I’d better get on the bike – lots to do today!

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