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Database server hard drive failure; AtLarge Chocolate Nitrean supply issue.

Thursday, February 23, 2006 by  
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IMPORTANT NOTICE: At approximately 5:53 PM EST Wednesday afternoon, we suffered a hard drive failure on our main database server. I do regular data backups and have duplicate hardware on standby for times such as these. The server was quickly repaired and the backup was restored within hours of the failure. Unfortunately all posts, changes to existing accounts and new user registrations made between early Tuesday morning (February 21) and Wednesday afternoon were lost in the crash. If you created a new account between approximately 7:00 AM EST on Tuesday and 5:53 PM EST on Wednesday, then you will need to re-register.

I fully understand that losing even 36 hours worth of posts is quite a inconvenience. I sincerely apologize for any problems this data loss has caused our members. Believe me, I share your stress, but I am also thankful that we were able to get back up and running fairly quickly and with a relatively small amount of data loss. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

As you probably already know, AtLarge Nutrition was named the Official JSF protein sponsor this week. I think they were caught a little off-guard by the huge response, and have temporarily run out of Chocolate Nitrean. They will have more in stock in just a few days, and now that they know what kind of volume to expect, this should never happen again. Here’s a message from Daniel, co-owner of AtLarge Nutrition.

– – –
I just want to make everyone aware of a problem we are experiencing which is going to have an effect on anyone that’s placed a chocolate Nitrean order today and of course anyone that’s wanting to place one this week.

Unfortunately we have experienced a problem with our supplier and we are not able to ship chocolate Nitrean out at the moment. We sincerely apologise for this, it’s a problem that we did not expect to occur and we are making sure that going forward, it doesn’t occur again.

We have therefore had to remove the option to purchase chocolate Nitrean from the website for the time being and plan for it to be available to order again on Monday/Tuesday next week.

For those that have already ordered (affects 4 or 5 people) we can do a few things for you and we have already either tried to call you or send you an email.

1) We can switch the chocolate for vanilla which we have ready to ship which means we can get your order out ASAP. (This is most preferable as it means we can get your order out in full today)
2) We could refund you for the chocolate Nitrean and ship the rest of the order without the Nitrean.
3) We can send your order without the chocolate Nitrean and then send the chocolate Nitrean when we are able to, which we expect to be most likely, the beginning of next week.

Once again, we sincerely apologise. We feel extremely bad about this and we truly never expect for this to occur again. We recognise its bad timing seeing as we have recently taken over the protein sponsorship of the forum. We hope that everyone can understand that sometimes problems can happen and we are working hard to make sure things are back to normal as quickly as possible and we don’t experience such issues again.

As a gesture on our part, we are throwing in an AtLarge Nutrition t-shirt FREE with those whose orders are currently in the system and are directly affected.
– – –

Well, at least the last 24 hours have not been boring! Thankfully the web site and forums are back up, more Nitrean is on the way and everyone has been kept up to date with good communication. If you take one thing away from today’s update, it should be this: problems happen every day in life; it’s how we deal with those problems that makes the difference between success and failure.

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