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“All clear” from doctor.

I went to see my doctor about the sore throat I’ve had for the last month. He said it’s nothing but the very high pollen count causing some aggravation. It’s Spring, and there hasn’t been any rain to speak of in something like a month, so that make sense. I’m glad it was nothing to worry about. He didn’t even prescribe anything – he just told me to get some OTC meds (if I wanted),… [Read more]

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Going to the doctor this morning.

I’m going to see my doctor this morning. This morning around 2:30 AM I was sick again, just like I was early Tuesday morning. I suppose I can rule out the chicken, because I’ve not had any chicken since Monday. Also, this sore throat I’ve been dealing with on and off for the past month keeps coming back. It’s probably strep, and shame on me for not going to the doctor sooner. I don’t like… [Read more]

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Great back & traps workout last night; Pecs are sore; New night picture of house.

I had a great workout last night! I hit my back & traps, and I felt strong and energetic through the entire workout. I made a short post-workout entry in my journal. My MyoTape finally broke last night. I’ve got to order another one today. My pecs are so sore from Monday’s chest workout that it feels like I have weights tied to them. My abs are very sore, too, and by tomorrow my back… [Read more]

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Good workout last night; Food poisoning?; Landscape lighting: Phase II complete!

Last night was my first workout after my week off from training. The workout started off a little slow, but once I had a couple of sets under my belt I felt great! I worked my pecs and abs, and I seemed to have lost a small amount of strength: The number of reps I was able to do went down using the same weight that I used for my last pecs workout two weeks… [Read more]

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Wonderful weekend, but diet not so good; Landscape lighting project & picture.

What an incredible weekend! The weather was absolutely perfect, and I spent most of my time outside with Lisa enjoying the sunshine and cool air. In yesterday’s update, I mentioned that I had the urge to work on some projects around the house. Of course projects around the house usually involve at least a couple of expensive trips to Home Depot, and yesterday was no different. One of the bigger projects I managed to complete… [Read more]

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New home plans on hold; Projects around the house today.

Today is the final day of my week off from weight training, and all I can say is “FINALLY!” I’m sure my body enjoyed the rest, but I’m dying to get back in the weight room and start moving some iron. Lisa and I had a great day yesterday. I dropped the top on the car and we drove around, went shopping and looked at houses. We saw some homes that we liked a lot,… [Read more]

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Positive mental attitude: cliché, or words to live by?

The weather in Orlando is picture-perfect right now: beautiful, clear skies as far as the eye can see, there’s a gentle breeze blowing and it’s a crisp 52 degrees. The high temperature today will be a perfect 67 degrees. I honestly could not have designed a more perfect day! These are the kind of days that make me happy to be alive and drug-free. Sadly, just a few years ago I wouldn’t have noticed or… [Read more]

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Nice weekend ahead; House hunting?

It’s looking like the weather this weekend is going to be incredible here in Orlando: 40 degrees overnight and ~65 degrees with clear skies all day long. Lisa and I may go house hunting. We’re still in the embryonic stage of a possible move – we don’t anticipate moving for at least a year or two (if at all) – but who knows. We’ve heard about some very nice homes that are being built on… [Read more]

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Down to 203.8 pounds; Pressure Washer.

Hrm, there’s not much going on this morning. I’m enjoying the planned week off from weight training, but I’m eager to get back to business on Monday. I must have been holding a little water, because this morning I’m suddenly down two pounds to a 2006 cutting low of 203.8 pounds! My abs are really starting to show quite well now. I must be close to 9% body fat at this point. Maybe I lost… [Read more]

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Cutting progress; Tough love for excuse makers.

Cool, I’m down another quarter of an inch from my waist! I also noticed that my abs are really starting to pop out when I checked my physique in the mirror right after my weigh-in. That brought a smile to my face! I’m very happy at how well my cut is going this year. It hasn’t been easy to stay dedicated, but I’m doing it. This month I’ve dealt with several “bad” food temptations, a… [Read more]

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