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Leg workout – still no squats; Good leg progress; Shaving.

Friday, March 3, 2006 by  
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Last night was my leg workout, and I almost decided to give squats a try for the first time since I messed up my back in January. I kept thinking about how well my deadlifts went a couple of weeks ago, but then I reminded myself of the slight (but definite) pain I can still feel in that area. I decided to stick with “safe” leg presses, leg curls and leg lifts instead, and I’m glad that I did: this morning there’s a small increase in the pain level, and it’s probably from the leg curls. The pain is not bad at all, but I’m hyper-sensitive to what’s going on with my back because I don’t want to re-injure myself.

Even though I have not been able to perform the “King of all exercises”, I have been making the most of leg day with very high rep, fairly heavy substitute exercises. My rest intervals have been very short, so the cardio aspect and intensity level of the workout are both very high. This morning my legs are feeling that pre-DOMS heaviness that I love so much. By this time tomorrow I’ll be walking funny.

My quads grew a tremendous amount over this past bulk: I added 4 inches to them (26.5 inches). Now, I do tend to store fat and water in my thighs, so I knew that number would be reduced as I cut. Right now my quads are 25.5 inches (cold/flexed), which still represents a respectable 3 inch gain. They will probably still shrink a bit more, but there’s not a whole lot of fat on them at this point. It’s been awhile since I took pictures of my legs and calves. I need to shave them and take some pictures – all the hair really obscures the definition. Some people (especially those who are new to bodybuilding) think shaving is weird. Get over it – it’s not! It’s difficult to see muscle development through a tangle of hair, end of story.

By the way, everyone always asks me how I shave. For my arms and chest I just use a razor and shaving gel once per week or so. I don’t keep my legs shaved constantly like my upper body, so when they are really hairy I use Nair for men (stinks BAD, but very quick and effective). I use an electric clipper with a guard to keep my underarm hair very short, but I don’t shave it off completely.

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