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Yesterday’s workout; Right shoulder pain; New photos.

For last night’s chest workout I went back to an all-dumbbell workout I did back in December with very good results. I love that dumbbells allow for freer movement than a barbell, but there is also the danger of overextending the shoulders. I was very careful about that, but I still seemed to have tweaked my bad shoulder (right) a bit. I’m not going to worry about it too much: this has happened a few times since my shoulder rehab and it’s always turned out to be nothing more than a strain.

I’m down to about 11% body fat right now. See if you agree – I put some new shirtless picture up in my photo journal last night. Here’s a direct link to my post-workout log and the pictures. The main areas in which I am still carrying some fat are my face, my inner thighs and just below my belly button. The lower abdominal fat has always been a source of frustration for me, and this year I may continue to cut until I’m around 6% body fat. I’ve never taken my body fat that low before, but thanks to SwoleGenix muscle loss should not be an issue.

Cardio time! Today is my 35th day in a row of 45-minute LISS cardio. This is the longest unbroken cardio streak I’ve had since my original fat loss back in 2003!