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Increased fat loss in abdominal area; Getting a “6-pack”; Leg day.

Thursday, March 9, 2006 by  
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The fat is finally starting to come off my mid-section a little faster. My genetics force me to wait until the “last minute” to start trimming the lower abdominal area. At this point in my cutting cycle I’m pretty lean in all the other areas of my body, so my body doesn’t have many choices left when it needs to burn fat. On Monday my waist (measured at my widest point – just below my belly button) was 33.25 inches, and this morning it’s already down another 1/4 inch. Normally when I’m cutting it takes a full week to lose a quarter inch from that area, so this is very encouraging for me. All my muscle measurements have not gone down at all since the initial water loss; SwoleGenix is very, very effective when it comes to lean mass preservation while losing fat as quickly as possible.

I still see a lot of posts and emails from guys who want to know how to “get rid of their belly and get a six-pack”. There’s only one way to do it: lower your body fat until your abs are showing. Most men lose body fat in the abdominal area last, so that means most of us guys need to be in the single digits (below 10%) before our abs will show. You can not spot reduce your belly fat or any other areas. Crunches will not make your six-pack show (but they will strengthen your abdominals, and that’s a good thing). The best way to get your six-pack showing is with a very clean diet (meaning you need to stay away from processed foods and eat wholesome natural foods), weight training and cardio. This, of course, is an oversimplification. For more information, check out the “sticky” threads (always at the top) in the beginner’s forum, and/or hire SwoleCat.

Cardio time! Today is my 37th straight day of cardio (45 minutes per session, LISS-style), and the results are keeping me highly motivated to continue. Today is also leg day, so I should sleep pretty darn good tonight.

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