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Last night’s workout; New picture; Almost “cheated” – dealing with cravings.

Saturday, March 11, 2006 by  
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Last night’s workout was rather “forced”, and I wasn’t feeling my usual gung-ho self, but I did manage to have a good workout and increase the weight on every exercise except lateral raises (but I did go up in reps on that one). So, while it was not my best workout, it was a good one. I’m down to 207.8 pounds this morning and somewhere between 10% and 11% body fat. I put a new post-workout picture up last night in my journal on the forum. I’m noticing more cuts, vascularity and my bicep peak seems to be improving as I trim away the fat. Here’s a link to the picture and my post-workout musings. Scroll down a bit for a picture of how I looked less than two years ago. It’s quite a contrast!

It’s been almost a month since I’ve had anything even remotely resembling a “cheat meal”, and the cravings hit me hard last night; so hard, in fact, that I came very close to blowing off my cutting diet for PWO meal #2. After I finished my workout, I was sipping on my protein shake and thinking about the chicken, rice and broccoli I knew I’d be eating a little later. The thought of pizza and BBQ pork entered my mind, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it! I quickly stripped off my shirt and looked in the mirror. When I saw the progress I’d made, the instant gratification side of my personality said, “Dude,you deserve it – look how far you’ve come in just 6 weeks of cutting!” Then the disciplined part of my brain piped in, “Yep, you are doing great, but look how far you have to go. Think about how you’ll feel in the morning before you give in.” That did the trick. I hate how I feel when I wake up the day after a cheat meal. So, I stuck to my cutting protocol, and this morning I feel great and I’m looking more cut than I have in months. Another 6-8 weeks of this and THEN I’ll relax my diet. Right now, there’s work to be done.

I’ve got a VERY busy weekend ahead. Right now I’ve got to get my cardio done and eat so I can be on time for my haircut. After that, I’m off to Costco to stock up on protein foods. Have a great Saturday!

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