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Very productive weekend; Yardwork; Messed up my thumb.

Monday, March 13, 2006 by  
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Yesterday was another amazing day here in sunny Florida. Lisa and I did what we said we were going to do, and spent the day busting our butts doing yardwork. We got the front yard 100% squared away, and made a nice dent in the back. I got a little too much sun, and a little too much hammer to the thumb. When will I learn to do things like hammering nails before I’m sweaty, exhausted and ready to call it a day? We were all but done with our work, but I noticed a couple of spots on the fence that needed a nail or two. Midway through driving one of the nails, I brought the hammer down full force directly on my thumb, just below where the thumb meets the hand. I don’t think it’s broken: The swelling is not too bad and I can sort of move it around… but lord is it ever stiff and painful this morning. I hope I don’t have any trouble working out tonight. Tonight is chest and abs, so I don’t think the thumb should give me too much difficulty. I’ll wrap it if I need to. Deadlifts (tomorrow) might be a bit of a problem, however. Double-dumbass on me.

On a more positive note, Lisa and I did get a heck of a lot of very difficult and painstaking work done yesterday. The hard freeze we had a few weeks ago really took its toll on our grass and many of the plants. Even though we had to cut away a lot of dead foliage, I think all of the plants survived. The grass is also starting to green back up nicely. Unfortunately the jury is still out on my favorite tree, the Sapphire Duranta (“Sapphire Showers”); I cut it back yesterday, and it still seems to be alive. If it doesn’t make it I’m getting another one: I love that tree.

Next weekend we’re going to tackle the weeds in the back, finish up the trimming and I’m going to mulch the front and the back yard. Spreading 35 yards of mulch is going to be a workout in and of itself!

Speaking of workouts, it’s time for my cardio. Enjoy your Monday!

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