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Enjoying my free weekend evenings; Excuses.

Thursday, March 16, 2006 by  
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When I started my cutting phase on February 1st, I changed my training split from a 5-day split to a 4-day split. I also moved the days that I workout around so that all my strength training workouts (which I do after work at 6:00 PM) are on weekdays (M-T-T-F). I’m really glad that I made those changes, because it’s been very nice having my weekend evenings free again. Generally on training days I start staging the gym and getting ready for my workout around 5:30 PM. I workout from 6:00 PM until about 6:45 PM. After my workout I shower, and at 7:00 PM I have my first post-workout meal. I have to start preparing my second post-workout meal about an hour later, and I eat again at 8:30 PM. While only a small portion of the 3.5 hours from 5:30 – 9:00 are spent actually working out and eating, the prep work and meal timings pretty much require me to stay near the gym and the kitchen during that window. I don’t mind this one bit – in fact, I love it – but having the weekend evenings 100% free again has been awesome. Another reason moving to an “all weekday” split made sense is because in the summer months Lisa and I have to do a lot of yard work. Getting up, doing my cardio and then busting my butt in the yard for half the day under the hot Florida sun is very draining, and would certainly detract from the quality of my strength training workouts.

Some people make excuses about why they can’t do this or that, or that they don’t have the time or energy to workout and eat healthy meals. That’s bull. The time is there, you just have to make exercise and nutrition a high enough priority to make room for it in your life. If you make excuses and complain that you don’t have time to take care of yourself, then sit down and reorganize your priorities. Excuses get you nowhere, and no one cares about your excuses but you! At the end of the day all those excuses go right out the window: you’ve either succeeded or you failed – end of story! If you are not willing to get up a little earlier and/or change your schedule around so that you can take care of yourself, then at least admit that it’s because you don’t want it bad enough to make the effort.

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