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Down to 10% body fat; Thumb update; Past couple of workouts report.

Friday, March 17, 2006 by  
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I believe that as of this morning I’ve reached 10% body fat. The fat continues to fly off me at a very nice pace, and there are no signs of abatement. I’ve been losing a quarter of an inch from my waist every 4-5 days for the past couple of weeks. Just this past Tuesday I was at 32.75 inches, and this morning I’m already closing in on 32.5 inches. I’m also starting to see some very nice abdominal definition, even later in the day after several meals. With two weeks still left in March, I think my pictures at the end of the month will be a very nice improvement over last month’s pictures.

My thumb is still a bit stiff and sore, but it’s not going to affect my arm workout tonight. I forgot to mention that on Tuesday I did my regular back workout, including deadlifts, and I had no trouble gripping the barbell, even with my aching thumb. Last night’s leg workout also went very well. I’m probably going to regret working my legs so hard because tomorrow morning I’m having 20 yards of mulch delivered to my driveway. I have no choice but to get all the mulch spread, because I won’t be able to remove either car from the garage until the job is done. I know I could move a car out into the street before the mulch is delivered, but I like the added incentive of having the cars trapped behind a mountain of wood. There are plenty of neighbors who can rush me to the emergency room if I happen to have another boneheaded mishap, such as the hammer incident last weekend (which, thankfully, didn’t require a trip to the hospital). I’ll try to be more careful this weekend.

Ah, I see it’s once again time for my cardio. Happy Friday everyone, have a great day!

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