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Mulch: Day II; Garden pictures.

Sunday, March 19, 2006 by  
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What a day yesterday! Lisa and I worked all day spreading the mulch, and I’d say we’re around 75% done. We’re probably going to have some extra mulch – 20 yards was too much. Oh well, I’d rather have too much than too little. My neighbors will take care of moving what’s left to their own yards, but one neighbor in particular is going to get first pick…

… this neighbor I’m talking about is a family that lives on another street in my subdivision. I can see their house from my house, but in the twelve years that we’ve been neighbors, we’ve never met. So yesterday morning Lisa and I were just getting underway when our wheelbarrow disintegrated; the wood handles and support beams just came apart – there was no fixing it. Of course our cars were completely blocked in by all the mulch, and even if I could get Lisa’s car out I’m not sure a wheelbarrow would fit in it. All of the neighbors that I’m friendly with were gone for the day – I know because they each waved cheerfully to me from their cars as I stood with my feeble little shovel next to the 8 tons of shredded wood in my driveway. So I’m standing there trying to think of what MacGyver would do in a situation like this, when a pickup truck pulled up to my driveway:

“Hey, looks like you could use a wheelbarrow!”

“I sure could, mine just broke!”

“Grab the one from the back of our truck. Keep it as long as you need it.”

Wow. Seriously. That guy (“Mark”, as I found when I walked over to his house to thank him at the end of the day) and his wife may have literally saved my life. I can’t imagine how long it would have taken me to do the job using buckets. They get first crack at whatever mulch is left, and I’m going to help them load it. They’ll probably get a couple of yards, at least.

Lisa and I are feeling pretty beat up this morning. We both got too much sun, and we’ve got lots of blisters and aches. My thumb has not been an issue at all, thankfully. Poor Lisa’s muscles are sore, especially her calves. None of my muscles are sore in the least bit, not even my back. All that hard work in the weight room has practical applications, too! 🙂

I didn’t miss any meals yesterday, and last night I decided that I’d earned a free meal. I gorged on pizza and buffalo wings, guilt-free. Despite the cheat meal and ingesting 3 or 4 gallons of water, I’m weighing in at a cutting cycle low of 205.4 pounds this morning! I hope I didn’t lose any muscle…

It’s time to get back to work. Below is a picture of our completed front yard. If you want to see more, I put some more pictures up in my photo journal. Here’s a direct link to the photos.

Front yard

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