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Recovering; New garden photo album up; Week off from training.

Monday, March 20, 2006 by  
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The entire weekend was spent moving 20 yards of mulch to our gardens. I’m now told that a yard of dense mulch like the stuff we were using weighs around 800 pounds. That’s 8 tons of mulch, moved one shovelful at a time to the wheelbarrow and then carted off various distances. All I can say is I’m glad I’m in such good shape, because that was two seriously grueling, back-to-back all-day workouts. Check the March 18, 2006 and the March 19, 2006 daily news updates if you want the blow-by-blow account.

I started a new photo album with some pictures as we worked on the two day project. There are pictures of the front and back yards, along with plant identifications and descriptive text. Of course a couple pictures of Mulch Mountain are there, too. I’m calling this gallery “Moving Mulch Mountain“.

None of my muscles are sore, but I’m very stiff and achy. Both of my shoulders are hurting, which is not much of a surprise considering how much I used them over the past two days. Today is chest day, and that presents a dilemma. I really want to work out, but the way my shoulders feel I think further stressing them would be a big mistake. In fact, it’s been almost 10 weeks since I’ve taken any time off from weight training, so I think I’m going to take a week off from weight training and just do cardio this week. I think my body could use a break, and will enjoy the recovery time.

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